Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Join us for Life (Un)Ltd!

How have biosciences and biotechnology changed the very idea of life?  How has the experience of those changes differed among various populations and demographics?What new global markers of difference do bioscience and biotechnology introduce? On May 11th, CSW is holding an exciting daylong international symposium titled "Life (Un)Ltd" to address these and other related questions. This interdisciplinary project, initiated by CSW Associate Director Rachel Lee, engages recent developments in biosciences and biotechnology, foregrounding critical, aesthetic, and ethics based approaches to what have become global research and marketing industries. These industries experiment on and trade in body parts, tissues, reproductive cells and technologies. The quest of these bioscience industries—to improve health and optimize life—rests on a tacit division of labor and reward. The speakers at Life (Un)Ltd  will explore how non-normatively gendered bodies, poor women’s bodies, colored and colonized bodies serve as opportune sites and sources for medical and other types of research and experimentation, the benefits of which are generally marketed to and realized by white affluent bodies. The conference speakers and the participants in the ongoing LU working group hail from Anthropology, Asian American Studies, English, Ethnic Studies, Film, Gender Studies, History, Law, Public Health, Sociology and Women’s Studies.  We have speakers coming from Australia and Canada, as well as from all over the United States.  Please come and join us for a dynamic and timely cross disciplinary dialogue on Life (Un)Ltd.

--Kathleen McHugh, Director

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